Saturday, December 7, 2013

tARTism #6

There are days I wish I could just "cowgirl" up and fix the world. Be the Lone Ranger and right wrongs. Annie Oakley and save the day. It's all about attitude - ride out into the dawn with a clear mission to do what's right and solve problems, be kind and strong.

So here's to choosing to get up every day - and doing what one person can do to make the world a better place.

About tARTisms:
Some things a tART just has to say. I make these images using my photographs, vintage photographs,
and vintage illustrations. I hope you enjoy them! 


  1. I found out after May Day 1971 I could not fix the world. Especially if I was arrested and thrown in Redskins stadium and vanished. I had to choose my battles and Vietnam and Richard Nixon were losing wars.

    I packed my bags and left D.C. I have done what I could do since then on a much smaller scale. Like Joan Baez said, " can effect the direction of the wave better by being a molecule of water than the surfer riding the wave."

  2. Very true - Jacqui! Both about picking your battles and and doing what we can, even a little bit at a time.


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