Monday, December 30, 2013

Four Years of December 30

I took up a challenge in 2010, to take a photograph a day, every day for a year - 365 photographs. I started my project on January 1st, it seemed like a good starting point.

I had no idea if I could really do it, take a photograph every day - no matter what. I wondered if I could make the time or if I would be able to find something to shoot every day. It was an exercise in seeing photographically every day, an exercise in discipline.

As part of the process I posted the photos to my Facebook page. It was a way to share what I was doing, as well as a way to help me keep going.

An artist friend of mine, who joined me in doing her own 365 project, gave me the idea to compare the photographs taken on the same day from one year to the next.

So here follows four years of December 30.

December 30, 2010 - A Frosty Windshield at Dawn


December 30, 2011 - December Sky


December 30, 2012 - Abandoned Farm, Loudoun County, Virginia


December 30, 2013 - Early Morning, Potomac River, Washington, DC