Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Coyote Quorum

Coyote Quorum

In the high altitude of Santa Fe, I went to sleep with the windows open to the cooling night air. The full moon silvered the shadows.

Sometime in the darkest of the night hours, the yips and yowls of coyotes woke me from the deep of my sleep.

The chorus rose in volume as more voices, more yips and yowls joined in – until the sound filled the room. A small primitive part of my brain cowered at the sound of predators hunting in the night – and another part gloried in the sound of the wildness, the sound of the untamed spirit.

In a very short while, the chorus dwindled to a few last yips and howls – a few having the last word in the song of the night.

In the silence that returned, I drifted back into sleep.

In the dawn’s light I wonder did I dream the coyote moon song?

Full Moon Composite, Santa Fe, New Mexico by Terry Rowe