Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Morals

"These Boots," photograph by Terry Rowe
In the course of the normal weekend morning chores I made mental note of the location of my dog, Bear’s, morning deposit. I thought, “I need to pick that up, and I need to make sure I remember where it is so I don’t step in it.” But first I wanted to start the coffee, which I did. I then filled the bird feeders, deadheaded the marigolds, filled the bird baths, set the hose to water the side flower bed, and then – despite my earlier thought – stepped right in the sh*t. Yes I did. The good news is I had my boots on.

Why am I telling you this? There is a moral to this story, which is “Take care of the sh*t first.” If you don't a second moral will come into play, “If you’re going to step in sh*t, make sure you have your boots on.”