Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dreams and Exercises

The clouds lay low and the air is August thick with humidity. I waded through the morning, dragged down by the lingering threads of the night's dreams and looking for inspiration.

I decided to complete a photography exercise as a way to keep working on my 365 project, and doing work, my work, would help me shake the dreams.

The Exercise:
Stand in the center of a room, or wherever you happen to be.  Make photographs only of subjects that happen to be within 15 feet (or 10, or 5) of where you’re standing.  Give yourself a time limit. Exhaust all possibilities. Get as many images as you can using only that area before moving on.  This kind of exercise forces you to really look at things and work to compose interesting images.

I chose my basement, aka "studio," as a room to start in; and I gave myself 30 minutes. I struggled with the light and spent a lot of time worrying over composition.

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