Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A French Interlude

I returned to France this September. I stayed in the small but lovely village of Durfort in southern France in a house called La Cascade - named for the waterfall just across the river from the back garden.

Durfort is located between Revel and Sorèze. It borders the shores of the Sor river, which leads to Montagne Noir (the Black Mountain). It is nicknamed Cité du Cuivre (the copper city), for the prosperous copper artisan trade that exists there, in addition to artisan trades in leather, glass, basket-making and jewelry.

Durfort is home to Musée du Cuivre (the copper museum), established in 1986, to document five centuries of the local copper craft.

Following is a small assortment of photographs from my trip - all of these were taken with the iPhone 5. The camera you have with you is always the best camera.


Revel, Market Square

Revel, Market Square

Window sign, pastry shop

Window sign, pastry shop

Cafe, Montolieu, the Book Village

Montolieu, the Book Village
Radishes, Revel Farmer's Market

Garlic bouquet, Revel, Farmer's Market

Bread for sale, Revel, Farmer's Market

La Cascade, Durfort

Waterfall, La Cascade

The spirit of La Cascade

Photography by Terry Rowe. 

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