Thursday, December 24, 2015

Six Years of Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, 2015.

It is warm here this year, warm enough that people have their doors and windows open well after dark. Walking the dog I am offered glimpses of decorated Christmas trees and people sitting down to dinner, other houses offered a drift of laughter and music from ongoing parties. A part of me keenly felt my lone state as I walked past in the dark; another part was grateful for the day's unfolding, for my dog, for the dinner I had waiting for me at home. I was particularly grateful for all that I have as I walked past the woman who lives in her car & often parks in the neighborhood bank's parking lot.

However you celebrate this holiday season - wishing you peace, love, and an abundance of what pleases you.

I am nearing the end of the sixth year of a 365 photograph a day project. Following is a collection of Christmas Eves past, 2010 - 2015.

2010 - Alexandria, Virginia
Paperwhite bulbs, all setup.
I love to have blooming flowers
and green plants to carry me through the winter.

2011  - Nashville, Tennessee
Visited a cemetery and photographed the beautiful monuments, it was a peaceful, quiet interlude to the day's activities.

2012 - At home in Alexandria, Virginia. I had the day off so took a drive out into the country and visited the lovely village of Paris, Virginia. It was a cold, foggy day with light snow falling.

2013 - Nashville, Tennessee. Portrait of Snuggles, a female cocker spaniel, approximately 11 years old. Companion to my brother-in-law.

2014 - Alexandria, Virginia. A candle burning in the night.

2015 - Alexandria, Virginia. A Christmas tree, lights brightening the dark. (iPhone)

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