Friday, February 5, 2016

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms fascinate me. When I travel a hotel room is a private place for me to rest as I venture out away from my home. My own personal space for a night or two.

Room almost all have the same basic amenities...differences don't vary greatly between the different hotel chains. I often stay at the same brand chain - the accumulation of points, which will over a matter of time, maybe, earn me a free night is a minor incentive. It is comforting and, at the same time discomforting, that I can travel thousands of miles across the country to stay in a hotel room that is eerily similar to other rooms I've stayed in.

And some rooms, like the one pictured from an independent hotel, have their own quirky charm.

I often wonder about the other people who have passed through these spaces - what was their story? Who did they travel with? Family? Friends? What transpired between these walls? What secrets could the room tell?

Photography & prose by Terry Rowe.

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