Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017, A Fourth Week of Daily Photographs

 A fourth week of daily photographs. It was a busy week, a world rocked by politically charged events, and in these dark days it is ever more important to take a break and find beauty...

River Ghost (sycamore) / Potomac River
Day 22 01/22/2017

Looking for light at the river / Potomac River
Day 23 01/23/2017

Winter afternoon / Capitol Hill
Day 24 01/24/2017

A bouquet of tulips brighten a cold, gray day
Day 25, 01/25/2017

A rescued amarylis bulb delivers a multitude of blossoms
Day 26 01/26/2017
A collection Day 27 01/27/2017

An old rose on the work bench
Day 28 01/28/2017

Photography & prose by Terry Rowe.

All work can be or is available for sale, visit www.terryrowe.photography. You can also leave me a comment if there is a particular piece of work you are interested in.