Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stories Lead the Way

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother reading me stories. Once I was old enough to read, books and the stories they conveyed, were treasured companions.

As an artist I often think of my pictures as a piece of a story, a story that I want to share.

I create still life compositions to photograph. To set up the still life compositions I often start with a story, I select elements that will tell the story to my camera, and to the viewer.

This photograph is called "the letter."

This is a piece of the story: She got a letter in the mail. He said it was over, he needed freedom, he wanted his space. She was left with fading roses and a letter.

Telling a story, and using the story, to create art helps me fine-tune the feelings I want to convey. The story gives me the framework for my imagery.

I have been asked to create a large complex piece, a commission. It's something I couldn't quite wrap my head around until I found the story that will define the piece, the story that will connect. I'm still refining the story...

What is the story you want to tell?