Sunday, June 2, 2013


I believe in signs, signals that I'm going in the right direction or that I need to change direction. Road signs from the universe, or from God.

I have been struggling with planning a trip to New Mexico this year - I have no specific goal or plan - other than I want to go. New Mexico has embedded itself in my heart, I feel like I can really breathe there, and I must return. So with only a vague idea of an itinerary, and a tentative class scheduled, I booked a plane ticket this past Friday. I'll be on the ground in New Mexico for ten days - which seems such a short time.

And the signs? Saturday I made an unplanned visit to a local antique consignment store with my husband, he was looking for replacement hinges for an antique box and I was along for the ride. While he was digging through bins of hinges and clasps, I started leafing through a basket of old postcards. All of the postcards were from northern New Mexico - mostly 1970s vintage, a few from the 1940s. All of the locations were places I have visited, Acoma, Chimayo, Rio Grande, Taos, Santa Fe, Angel Fire, others. Given that I live in Virginia, finding such a large collection of New Mexico postcards I took as a sign. Driving home we passed a car with New Mexico plates, highly unusual on this coast, another sign. We went out to dinner at our favorite taqueria and one of our fellow diners was wearing a New Mexico t-shirt, another sign.

So signs - or just coincidence because new Mexico is on my mind - I'm going. And I can't wait.

New Mexico, near Abiquqiu