Saturday, June 8, 2013

What If ?

"When My Ship Come In," original photograph by Terry Rowe,

I'm part of a pool of friends who buy PowerBall tickets - with the intention of sharing the spoils if one of our numbers wins.

It is a fun dream to plot what I would do with the money if we won - always, of course, assuming that it would be a really big win. Dream big, right?

The typical paying off the mortgage and early retirement are the first kind of no-brainer things to do. Probably right after I retain a lawyer and talk to my financial adviser. Oh, and a really really big party.

Then what?

Donations to my favorite charities / causes. Gifts to the "kids," nieces & nephews. Other ideas include buying a vintage trailer and tooling around the US. Taking every photography class I've ever wanted to take. Trips to other countries - the list is long. I keep thinking about a "Starving Artist" art gallery - exhibitions for artists and sales at a 20% commission instead of the usual 50% - 60%.

Does money buy happiness - not necessarily. I keep thinking it would provide freedom and remove worries - but I suspect being "rich" comes with its own set of restrictions and different worries. I'm willing to give it a shot.

What would you do with a large windfall?