Saturday, March 8, 2014

Overview of a Week of Photography (Week 8)

The eighth week of my 365, a photograph a day, project. I made a more concentrated effort to get out more, out of my back yard and house, and into the wider world. Of course, the weather was a bit more cooperative - less snow and a few, very comfortable days, that rose into the 50s.

The first photo to start this week is the Jefferson Memorial, my favorite monument in Washington. It's a graceful and elegant tribute to Thomas Jefferson.

Union Station (train station) has many wonderful architectural features and will likely see me return for more photographs.

A small still life, a found bottle, scarf, rock, and peacock feathers. I love the frosting on the bottle, and the bright blue-green of the feathers.

Another weekend in Charlottesville and I used the time to work on street photography. This elegant older woman was a wonderful subject.

And, if I'm in Charlottesville, I must visit the University of Virginia campus. A warmish February day saw students and visitors taking advantage of the weather to enjoy the Lawn in front of the Rotunda.

The broken windows of a chicken coop on an abandoned farm in Loudoun County form an abstract view of the world.

Boundary Channel flows into the Potomac River. The channel waters reflect the sky clouds with a perfect intensity.

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