Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Overview of a Week of Photography (Week 7)

Week seven was a week of juggling work and travel plans. A heavy snow fall melted during a thaw only to have more snow roll in. A long holiday weekend saw me driving to Charlottesville one day, Cape Charles the next, and back to Alexandria on the third day. The weekend became extended when we had just enough snow fall to keep everyone tucked in at home.

My dog Bear, day dreaming. Could it be about squirrels? Or a big fat bone? Or maybe a long walk....

A garden stake marking the peony is a stark graphic against the snow.

Abandoned tulips, cast down in the snow, are turned into art with textures and text.

My trip to Charlottesville was to visit with friends, and participate in a belly blessing ceremony. It was a wonderful afternoon of laughter, sharing, stories, and song.

In little over a week after this picture was taken the beautiful Demory Marie was born.

Next stop, Cape Charles on the Chesapeake Bay. I stopped in Capeville to photograph a favorite cemetery statue. The piece was finished with textures and text.

A painterly photograph of the Cape Charles marina in the early morning.

This week of photographs ended with a re-visit of the abandoned tulips. This time more snow and a hard freeze created a new composition and a different mood.

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