Saturday, February 22, 2014

Overview of a Week of Photography (Week 6)

 Week 6 of my photography 365 project started with a morning ice storm after a night of bitter cold. When I did venture out the temperatures and just barely climbed over freezing - and yet the ice was melting. The sound of the ice melting from the trees sounded like rain fall. I stopped by a field of thistles to get this picture.

I think I'll end up with a whole series of these abstracts based on the stains of snow salt on stone. I see a different world every time I look at them.

The weekend included a trip to Richmond, Virginia - and an afternoon in Carytown yielded this glimpse at a secret garden.

And, if visiting Richmond, I must make time to visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I'm still working on capturing the perfect picture of Chihuly’s Red Reeds at the museum.

Back to indoor studies. Keeping flowers in the house help to remind me that spring will surely return.

A rare abandoned building in the neighborhood. It is a bit of a mystery that in this urban, densely developed neighborhood, a building sits empty and abandoned.

Wrapping up the week with another salt stain abstract. This particular abstract was modified by creating a mirror image of the image. I do this by splitting the image in half in Photoshop and putting two of the same halves together to create a new image. It's a fun technique to play with.

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