Friday, February 21, 2014

Overview of a Week of Photography (Week 5)

 In the fifth week of 2014 cold weather prevailed with one brief day of blue sky sunshine. A week of work and a weekend spent in the vicinity of Charlottesville - visiting the beautiful (and empty) Swannanoa estate and the downtown Charlottesville mall. As always a chance to get away from the daily routine is refreshing and a road trip is just the thing to shape up a week of routine and sameness.

 Patterns of ice seem to emanate light and hint at other worlds.

Feathers in a dream catcher catch the last light of a setting sun.

This is a favorite window for the late afternoon light, diffused through painted glass. A fringed shawl and a sea shell collected during warmer weather complete the tableau.

Swannanoa Palace
read more about Swannanoa here:

 A red barn sits high on a hillside farm, a punctuation mark against the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Every day calls for a little magic, a collection of colorful antique tins and two cheerful ceramic birds.

Patterns of light and dark, depths hinted at and secrets held. Winter at once exposed and hidden.

And so the week is bracketed by the cold blue brilliance of ice and by the patterns revealed by the salt stains left behind when the ice is gone.

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