Friday, February 7, 2014

Overview of a Week of Photography (Week 4)

The fourth week of 2014, and of my 365 photograph a day project, was a week of cold, snow, and ice. All the usual elements of winter but it did seem like we got a bit more of each then we really wanted.

My dog, Bear, loves the world transformed with snow and he ran through the backyard as if it were his own personal ski run.

Bear airborne.

Keeping fresh, unfrozen, water for the birds is a challenge on cold winter days.

A tree on the bank of the Potomac River. A thin glaze of ice on the river reflects the rising dawn and the bit of a waxing moon is still visible.

Indoor activities, like reading, are always enjoyed on a cold day.

Visiting the Potomac river, Georgetown and the spires of Georgetown University are visible down river from Roosevelt Island.

Venturing out downtown, a tour bus with a graphic of Washington, DC monuments is parked in such a way that it's windows show the reflection of the US Capitol.

Wrapping up the week, a single tulip on the kitchen window sill. Store bought flowers, reminders that spring and warmth exist somewhere.

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