Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Art Exhibit Submissions, March

In order to be seen, an artist must exhibit. Each exhibit risks rejection. If an artist is lucky or talented enough to be accepted into the exhibit there's still the risk of rejection by the public (translated into lack of sales).

So, this March, I've submitted to two different events. The first is an exhibition for the Falls Church Arts All-Member show, I know at least one piece will make it into the Falls Church All-Member show, hopefully two.

The second is a competition through Santa Fe Workshops, with the theme "Travels." This competition is my third attempt to get juried into one of the Workshops' competitions. The field is talented and fierce so I'm hopeful but bracing for rejection.

Included here are my five pieces submitted to the two events. Would love to know what you think of any or all of them.

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