Friday, March 25, 2016

Loved and Lost

This week I've traveled to Atlanta to photograph old cars (more on that later). But first, I wanted to visit Oakland Cemetery. Oakland has beautiful gardens and memorial statues.

One of the many reasons I wanted to visit Oakland was to visit this memorial to love. I'd seen it before but had neglected to read the inscription and the accompanying engraved plaques. The statue tells it's own story - a man and a woman leaning into each other. She is resting against him, her arm along his side. She's wearing a dress with bare feet, and gazing into the distance. He's turned toward her and totally focused on her while he combs her long hair. They are lovers, the tenderness and devotion is almost palpable.

The inscription: "To Love. To Passion. To Deb."

The engraved plaques tell more of the story. Deb, Deborah, was born in 1953 and she died in 2006 at age 53. Gerald, was born in 1959, his plaque awaits a second date...he lives on without her.

Loved and lost.

Oakland Cemetery:
Land for Oakland was purchased in 1850 and it was designed as a Victorian "rural" garden cemetery. Over the years it grew, and was eventually surrounded by the city of Atlanta and industry...still the gardens are beautiful, under renovation, and a quiet oasis. There's a lot more to the history of Oakland, it is now on the National Register of Historic Places, you can find more information here:

Photography & prose by Terry Rowe.

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