Sunday, September 4, 2016

Make Every Day a Special Occasion

A recent change in my living arrangements required the division of household goods. The "good" everyday flatware was given up and I got the lesser 'make-do" flatware.

Using the less than lovely utensils was a daily reminder of settling, making do with something I had accepted for necessity but not for it's beauty.

In talking to a friend about the flatware I was reminded of grandmother's silver. Beautiful in look and feel, grandmother's silver was carefully packed away in the basement, being saved for special occasions.

Grandmother's silver

Why do we save the best for other people? For special occasions? Why don't we treat ourselves as our own special guests?

I promptly donated the unloved stainless steel flatware, someone else will make good use of it. I unpacked grandmother's silver and use it everyday.

Every single time I pick up one of grandmother's silver pieces, a fork, a knife, a spoon, I am grateful to have something so beautiful to use. It is a true pleasure to have my every day be a special occasion, even if I'm the only one at the table.

What can you do to treat yourself as a special guest in your own life?

Photography & prose by Terry Rowe. Your visit & comments are appreciated.

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