Saturday, April 22, 2017

Idioms and Thoughts

It's a gray, rainy, almost chilly spring day. It is spring so the birds are noisy, there are flowers, and green things are greening. But it is also gray, and all my weekend plans - which involved being outdoors - have been cancelled or altered because of the rain. So the gray rain has started my thoughts down a darker path.

I was thinking of a phrase, "Happy enough" that I heard on the Netflix series, 'Grace and Frankie.' Grace (Jane Fonda) uses it when her husband Robert (Martin Sheen) asks her how she felt about their marriage after he has just asked her for a divorce. Happy enough. I've never wanted happy enough - which is evident by the way my life has evolved. I've wanted happy or not, good not bad, all in or all out.

The next phrase, maybe even a counter-point to 'happy enough' is 'better than nothing.' While I've often rejected 'happy enough' I found myself, yesterday, flipping out the 'better than nothing' phrase. I had planned to send the entire day with a beloved friend, but work and life got in the way and our day turned into a few hours. I said, well a few hours with you is 'better than nothing.' Which actually is not true - nothing is nothing - it's a void that can turn into a sorrowful well.

A few hours with a loved friend can be wonderful, as long as the focus is on present - not on the missing hours or the unknown future.

Better than nothing, far, far better. Because we never know how much time we have to spend with those we love, so even a few hours can be precious.

Photography & prose by Terry Rowe.

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