Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 14 of 2017 - A Photograph a Day - Project 365

The fourteenth week of 2017, the 365 photograph a day project. This week spring well and truly sunk her teeth into the earth and showed her might.

A garden should be natural-seeming, with wild sections, including a large area of bluebells.
~ Diana Wynne Jones

Virginia Bluebell

Day 91 04-02-2017

Cherry blossom dawn

Day 92 04-03-2017

Possum frequently visit my yard, this little girl thought I couldn't see her. She decided to move on when I touched her tail.

Day 93 04-04-2017

Spring flowers,
wild confederate violets

Day 94 04-05-2017

First round of storms,
cherry trees wet with rain.

Day 95 04-06-2017

A white flower
grows in the quietness.
Let your tongue become that flower. ~Rumi


Day 96 04-07-2017

A faded rose sits on the windowsill, an unknown story.

Day 97 04-08-2017

Photography & prose by Terry Rowe.

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