Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Romantic, Gothic Novel of a Picture

On my first visit to Ireland I was a bit giddy (and greedy) about all the ruins and castles and ancient structures. Within an hour of landing in the country, barely a few miles from the Shannon airport, we pulled the car off the road to photograph the ruins of a castle sitting in a farmer's field.

We parked on the side of the road and walked through an open gate onto the field where the ruins stood - tall stone walls - and I was thrilled. A few quick shots and we were back on the road, letting the farm dog across the lane relax his guard against the brazen intruders and the farmer back to his plowing.

The day was bright but cloudy and drizzling (as it was for much of our visit). The stone walls dark against the bright sky. Later, much later, in the digital dark room I created the image I wanted to capture - a romantic, gothic novel of a picture.

Following is an abbreviated visual of how I got the picture I wanted to take, how I created the picture I wanted to make.

The castle ruins as photographed

The castle ruins with a more dramatic sky
Atmosphere and mood added
A bit more moodiness, a moon and some ravens.