Monday, June 16, 2014

A Work in Progress

Southern Maryland Barns is a digital hand painted work in progress.

This piece started with a photograph I took early this spring in southern Maryland. I was driving to a memorial service when I saw the light slanting across the fields and outlining the barns. I did a u-turn, pulled over, and got a couple of shots off. I wasn't happy with the big tree in the way and all the power lines, but I loved the light and hoped that I could do something with the photograph someday.

The original photograph

I brought the photograph into Adobe Photoshop (raw file) - removed the power lines, swapped out the sky, and bumped up the saturation. Since I knew I'd be using the base of the photograph as a painting I wasn't too concerned about being absolutely clean in my removal of objects. The edge of the tree line, where it meets the sky, is particularly sloppy. I'm still debating the sky though. I might go back and paint a second version with a "milder" sky.

The edited version
I pulled the edited photograph in to Corel Painter and began painting. I wanted the tree gone - so I painted it out and painted the rest of the 2nd barn into the scene. I've still got work to do, but I'm enjoying the process.

Southern Maryland Barns, the work in progress

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