Friday, June 20, 2014

Reflections and Windows

Last week I visited the Andrew Wyeth exhibit, "Looking Out, Looking In," at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. It is an amazing collection of Wyeth's paintings of windows, images that inspire a new seeing, and a call to reflection.

This week I attended a high school graduation and listened to the usual speeches reflecting on the past four years and looking to the future, the hopefully bright future, stretching out ahead of the graduates. I felt a small flare of envy and a great surge of excitement for the graduates, all those beautiful years ahead of them, all that life to be lived. I reflected on my own high school graduation, some tens of years ago, the years stretching out before me. That future is now my past, the bright future and stretch of years behind instead of before me. The future, the years have been used, wisely or not.

Looking forward, with the past behind me, I still have a future to be lived. Using a mirror as a window to the past, keeping it's lessons in mind as I move into the future I still have before me.

Young and old, we all have a past and we all have a future. The only difference is the length of each. The only reality is our time is ours to use, and it is up to us how well we use the time that is given us.

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