Thursday, April 9, 2015

Who Am I?

I will be the river of the dreams around your mind
I will be the essence of all you cannot find

I will be the reason that keeps you warm at night
I will keep you dancing until the dark is bright

I'll hold you close together when all else falls apart
I'll give you strength and loving -
so you may know your heart

Rest easy little dancer
Put your cares away
I'll be right beside you
Some bright and shining day

Know that I do love you
Now and for all time
Close your eyes and see me
in the shadows of your mind

Listen for me closely
I'll not be speaking loud
You'll know me by my answers
Just as you did before

So go about your living
I'll be there before long
Keep your heart believing
And I'll hold you every dawn.

~Terry Atkin Rowe

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