Monday, March 20, 2017

Eleventh Week of 2017 - A Photograph a Day - Project 365

The eleventh week of the year, weather jumps from bitter cold to teasing warmth, the capriciousness of spring. Torn between longing to be out and about, capturing the change that spring brings to the landscape, and the desire to huddle inside, warm, waiting for sunshine and warm breezes.

Day 71 03-12-2017

Whenever sorrow comes, 
be kind to it.
For God has placed a pearl 
in sorrow’s hand.
~ Rumi

Day 72 03-13-2017

Snow and bitter cold threaten the blooming daffodils, 
so I cut bouquets to brighten 
the dark night.

Day 72 03-13-2017

Day 73 03-14-2017

Freezing cold temperatures,
freezing rain and snow coat
theblooming cherry blossoms
with ice. Some will survive, many will not - making those that survive all the more precious.

Day 74 03-15-2017

Bitter cold northern winds, sparrows huddle sparrows huddle in the fold of a cement wall for warmth.

Day 75 03-16-2017

Tulips in the snow. 
March is a cruel cruel month.

Day 76 03-17-2017

The only daffodils to survive the freeze were the ones I cut for the house. Bright faces holding back the cold.

Day 76 03-17-2017

Day 77 03-18-2017

Let the journey begin. iphoneography

Photography & prose by Terry Rowe.

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