Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ninth Week of 2017 Project 365, A Photograph a Day

Continuing the compilation of the weeks photographs, this the ninth week of 2017. A week of work followed by a weekend roadtrip, unseasonably warm temperatures reverting to the standard cold for late winter / early spring. And so it goes...

Day 57 02-26-2017

Outside, looking in. My kitchen window, casting light into the backyard, lighting the tops of the grasses.

Day 58 02-27-2017

Willow, greening early in late February, spring is sneaking in ahead of schedule.

Day 59 02-28-2017

Sweet-smelling camelias, making their blowsy, showy presence known - signalling the end of February.

Day 60 03-01-2017

 iphone photo of the US Capitol in black & white, appearing timeless on a stormy day as March roars in.

Day 61 03-02-2017

Glorious star magnolia, the first of the magnolias to bloom. Sneaking in her blossoms in the early warmth of March.

Day 62 03-03-2017

A delightful surprise, an unexpected birthday gift from a dear friend.

Day 63 03-04-2017 Color

A road trip to Windber, Pennsylvania and the "trolley graveyard" was cold but beautiful. A treasure trove of old trolley cards, slowly yielding to the elements in the woods. The snow and the clouds a contrast to the rusting metal hulks. The same picture with two treatments, one in color, one in atmospheric black & white.
Day 63 03-04-2017 Black & White

Photography & prose by Terry Rowe.

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