Saturday, March 4, 2017

Week 8, 2017 Project 365, A Photograph a Day

The eighth week of 2017, a photograph a day, every day.

This week encompassed a road trip to Wildwood, New Jersey, a birthday, a week of work, and the weather pushing us to an early spring with warm weather.

Following is the past week's work.

Day 50 02-19-2017

Sunrise on Wildwood beach, New Jersey. A lifeguard stand, solitary on an empty beach. A few months away from the crowds of summer.

Day 51 02-20-2017

Another sunrise, another solitary subject. This, the lighthouse at Cape May, New Jersey.

Day 52 02-21-2017

Back to work, black & white focus on lines and shadows.

Day 53 02-22-2017

 Driving home from work, the setting sun colored the sky before me.

Day 54 02-23-2017

A run of early warm weather reminded us that spring is fickle, the fear of cold is there but the warmth teased the flowers out o the earth.

Day 55 02-24-2017

I dreamt of white feathers.

In Native American culture, the appearance of random white feathers signifies rebirth and new beginnings, symbolizing hope and faith as well as to strengthen the connection between the physical and spiritual world.

Day 56 02-25-2017

 Springtime in February.

In the garden
I see only your face
From trees and blossoms
I inhale only your fragrance.

Photography & prose by Terry Rowe.

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