Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Five Christmas Eves

Christmas Eve 2014. My fifth year of a 365 photography project is winding to a close. The interesting thing about a 365 project is that I have a photographic record for each day of each year.

Easy to recall what I was doing, thinking, feeling when I have a visual record representing the day.

Today I looked back through Christmas Eves past - 2010 through 2014.

2010 - Alexandria, Virginia
Paperwhite bulbs, all setup.
I love to have blooming flowers
and green plants to carry me through the winter.

2011  - Nashville, Tennessee
Visited a cemetery and photographed the beautiful monuments, it was a peaceful, quiet interlude to the day's activities.

2012 - At home in Alexandria, Virginia. I had the day off so took a drive out into the country and visited the lovely village of Paris, Virginia. It was a cold, foggy day with light snow falling.

2013 - Nashville, Tennessee. Portrait of Snuggles, a female cocker spaniel, approximately 11 years old. Companion to my brother-in-law.

2014 - Alexandria, Virginia. A candle burning in the night/

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